Cities of You

City #54: Gdilila (Kristin G)

20 x 16'', Gouache and Colored Pencil on Paper

There are two pieces that make up the city of Gdilila: the body and the hands. The body is no surprise; the streets are the arms and avenues, the legs. The temple is the temple (of course), the bridge is the neck, and so on. But the city’s hands are more interesting. Ever wonder where traffic jams come from? It’s when the index finger lifts the avenues ever so slightly. Thunderstorms are jazz hands, while a gentle breeze is born from a swift flick of the wrist. Serendipity is actually caused by the touching of two pinkies. Tragedy can be endured by firmly, gently pressing hands together, and can be overcome by slowly pulling them apart. And something that is lost can be found by running a finger along the wrinkles of the palm.