Cities of You

City #1: Fraboo (Brian F)

18 x 24", Pen on Paper

Fraboo is a city suspended between two mountain peaks. Despite the unsettling architecture, the citizens feel the fresh air and the amazing views justify the makeshift ambiance of the city itself. Every morning, workers leap from their suspended homes to their destinations below. All the citizens of Fraboo get along very well- not that they really have a choice since each person’s home literally depends on those of its neighbors. A spider web of ropes, cables, and chains connect each residence to the others and the mountain sides. Each piece of the web is kept under constant maintenance considering the propagating disaster that may ensue if just one line breaks. However, since most citizens have never stepped foot out of this web, the maintenance of the lines are done in blind faith since they have no concept of the danger of actually falling to solid ground.