Cities of You

System #3: Rhyia (Raymond H)

22 x 30", Gouache and Marker on Paper

Rhyia a symbolic system used to represent elements or statements expressible by language, the body, or nature. It is made up of a series of rectangles of varying color and transparency. Unlike traditional symbolic systems such as writing and language systems, the Rhyia system does not have a clearly defined set of base elements or symbols. A particular combination of color and transparency is used to represent something that can be expressed- a word, a phrase, an idea, a story. Movement is the third element in the Rhyia system. The rectangles of color may sometimes be static, in motion, accelerating, or sometimes move so fast that the colors merge. The Rhyia system typically is not used for communicating concrete information since it is filled with puns, double entendres, and hidden meanings. However Rhyia allows anyone to decipher clouds to pass the time or read a sunset like one reads a short story.