Cities of You

City #16: Jirameas (Jason M)

16 x 20", Pen, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, and Gouache on Paper

Jirameas is a city balanced upon a mountain peak. There are no native Jirameas- all citizens are ambassadors from other cities from around the globe. Throughout the day they ponder all the ills that plague the world- whether disease, poverty, corruption, or environmental abuse. Each ailment is represented by a boulder on one side of the gigantic scale, opposite the inhabited side of the city. When a global issue is solved, a boulder is removed. When a global issue arises, a boulder is added. Needless to say, if there are too many or too few, balance will be broken and the city will plummet to its end. On one hand, this is representative of the citizens' acceptance that the world is not perfect. However, it also represents that, although the world is flawed, it does not mean they should not strive for perfection.