Cities of You

City #6, Visit #1: Uaeinn

18 x 24", Guoache and Pen on Paper

The megalopolis known as Uaeinn is made up of numerous nearly-indistinguishable cities. Each sub-city within Uaeinn is very careful to mimic the appearance of its neighbors. Cities would reach impossible heights as construction workers rush around the clock to match the output of their bordering cities. There was one time a flimsy pillar or a shaky support of a city that broke, and that city crumbled to dust. With very little hesitation its adjacent cities followed with controlled explosions, supervised fires, and surgically removed support beams--a domino effect of destruction, both accidental and intentional. It was chaos in the name of safety and order. Over the years, the cities reached even greater heights, rebuilding with more care, for wouldn't you be more prudent when you know your inadvertent errors would be meticulously emulated?