Cities of You

Landmark #6: Ethamenoff (Steffen H)

16 x 20", Gouache, Marker, and Pen on Paper

The man-made Ethamenoff can be found floating in the skies above cities, forests, and ocean, collecting audio and visual data. The scope in which Ethamenoff collects data is a very small one-cubic-meter area that constantly changes as the Ethamenoff drifts along its winding path. As it collects input, Ethamenoff simultaneously translates the data and emits synthetic sounds that vibrate, beep, oscillate, and buzz. When above cities, hoards of urbanites chase Ethamenoff, frantically trying to be within its field of vision to hear the automaton's judgment of them, only to be disappointed with static noise. The casual wanderer to happen upon Ethamenoff along an empty trail may choose to receive its evaluation. Take caution, however, as it is said the melody will become fixed in the recipient's mind for weeks, for Ethamenoff is less a translator and more an echo or mirror of its chosen subject.