Cities of You

System #7: Nabeck (Becky T)

20 x 16", Gouache and Pastel on Paper

Nabeck is a collection of geological curiosities made up of variably-occurring, crystal-like rock formations, typically known to materialize at the entrance of cities and large bodies of water. It is said that if you look closely at a city through the lens of a Nabeck formation, you will not see buildings or people, but vibrant colors and light- the essence of the city. Viewing a body of water through a Nabeck formation is another experience entirely, a thrilling scene. The immeasurable size and weight of the water is presented all at once to the viewer, who quickly becomes overtaken by such inconceivable scale. At this moment, you have no choice but to let the vastness of the sea swallow you whole, as your thoughts dissolve into the tides.