Cities of You

City #52: Vimayali (Divyesh M)

20 x 16", Gouache, Pen, and Marker on Paper

The two sides that make up the city of Vimayali gently rise above the ancient and rugged river of Wothmella. East and West Vimayali are tied together by a series of delicate rope bridges. However, it is rare to see the bridges occupied by anything other than birds and seaweed since Vimayali Law states that a citizen must cross the bridges once and only once during their lifetime. As one would expect, the elderly cross the bridges to retire, and the wretched cross to start anew. Some cross with families, some cross with loved ones. Each side of Vimayali is both temporary and permanent, life and afterlife. For most, the decision to cross over is paralyzing. Some just take off in the night, chasing the moon. Some wake up early and cross in time to see the sunrise.