Cities of You

City #45: Waiiweh (Kawehi W)

18 x 24", Gouache, Pen, and Marker on Paper

In Waiiweh, the cars speed and the pedestrians sprint. The buildings are thin and built in repeating sets. As you look out of the window of a moving vehicle, the buildings fly by exactly in rhythm to the music playing on the radio. Groups of runners pace along the bay in perfect stride, with their heads turned and their headphones on. In Waiiweh, the disc jockey is king, who determines the pace of movement in the dynamic city. Each radio station is targeted to specific modes of transportation and mood. For the joyous, the tempo is fast. For the restless, tunes are syncopated. For the pensive, there is a station for ambient noise- although, simply listening to the rhythm of a voice or the beats of footsteps would also suffice.