Cities of You

City #26: Pennalie (Julian H)

16 x 20", Gouache, Marker, Pen on Paper

Pennalie is a city made up of concentric circles that grow in diameter and depth, like a fallen tree that continues to grow. However, unlike a tree, which has a clear top and bottom, Pennalie has two identical ends that continue to grow and pioneer new territory. Most of the citizens migrate to one of the ends of the city as that is where the more exciting opportunities lie. Over time, the two ends of the city will become too far removed from each other to dependably communicate. However, the citizens find this to be advantageous since they see it as living out two potential futures- a fork in the road. Because of this, decisions are easy in Pennalie. Doubt of a particular decision is replaced by comfort that the other option was picked by their counterpart. The wrong decision will be balanced by the right one. A "yes" will counteract a "no". Yet, the curious thing about Pennalie is that, so far, both ends are completely identical.