Cities of You

City #55: Noonine (Bonnie J)

16 x 20", Gouache and Ink on Paper

The round houses of Noonine are tossed in the air and caught in a cascading pattern, loosely resembling a figure eight. This activity is performed by the two sides of Noonine—East and West. Though complex and dizzying at first, when you live in Noonine for a long enough time, the repeating patterns become a source of tranquility. The gentle rising and falling, like a lullaby sung by streets and avenues, cradle its residents. Some describe the juggling pattern as hypnotic if you are tightly focused on the city’s skyline, as the figure eight—or the sign for “infinity”—slowly begins to expand, like the Fibonacci sequence, first encompassing you, then the neighborhood, then the entire city, then the continent, until you and the universe are equally large.