Cities of You

Landmark #1: Elamai (Amelia R)

22 x 30", Pen, Marker, Colored Pencil, and Gouache on Paper

Elamai is a prehistoric landmark located on a small stone mound surrounded by ocean. Archaeologists believe that this stone monument was erected as early as 3000 BC, long before modern tools were available for constructing something of that scale and complexity. Many travel weeks or months to find this elusive monolith. It is said if you lay on the side of the island, directly beneath the colossal circular lens, you become embraced by the rays of the sun, and become hypnotized. As the sun sets, the sky opens up to an immaculate, endless darkness- the type of darkness that makes you want to dive further and further into its abyss. Sleep is unnecessary on this island until the glow of dawn breaks the enchantment.