Cities of You

City #55: Vorotha (Evan R)

16 x 20", Gouache on Paper

Tall leafless trunks cover the island of Vorotha, a barren forest at first glance. When you look a little closer, you see the wooden pillars slowly expand at their bases, then gently spread upward. Beneath, what is happening is some form of diffusion—of people, of things. It is quite efficient, actually; transportation requires absolutely no added energy. One only needs to join a crowd (the more concentrated the better) and Vorotha will naturally pull the cluster apart, hopefully in the direction they need to go. The same goes with things. For example, there are no hoarders in Vorotha. Hoarding—let's say, newspapers—will simply result in a papery explosion. And similarly with emotion, there's nothing like grudges or crushes in Vorotha. You cannot bottle up hate or love for too long, as the city will force you to distribute them evenly.