Cities of You

City #40: Ko-Lenala (Angie H)

16 x 20", Gouache, Pen, and Colored Pencil on Paper

When you first enter the sacred city of Ko-Lenala, you would either think it is an ancient city of ruins or a city under construction. Both hypotheses are partially true. Citizens scour the globe for statues of deities that were once worshipped. Fleets of ships transport massive columns that once supported ancient temples. As you walk through Ko-Lenala, you cannot help but feel compassion for the Gods and Goddesses of the Old World. They no longer command the same power they once did, but still, they seem content beside the benches and fountains of Ko-Lenala. Perhaps they no longer feel burdened by their cosmic responsibilities or maybe they finally get to mingle with their peers and admire their creations in Ko-Lenala, the afterlife for the Gods.