Cities of You

City #30: Llynsor (Roslyn L)

20 x 16", Gouache, Marker, and Pen on Paper

The materials used to build the towers of Llynsor are so dense, the city has acquired its own orbiting satellite which accumulates debris from its surrounding suburbs. The junior moon started from clusters of inconspicuous objects that started to dance along the streets of Llynsor. A paper bag took company with the leg of a chair, joined by a section of a fence and a few dishes. Soon, the eclectic ensemble started to lift off the floor, following a path that circumscribed the city. Children would jump up to graze the bottom of the mass as it floated by. Over time, the amalgamation of objects became so massive it acquired a spherical body and its own gravitational pull. Each day, Llynsor's moon becomes larger and attracts larger objects. Young daredevils jump from tall buildings to gamble whether or not they will be caught by the moon's pull. Some citizens have migrated to the moon's surface, knowing that one day, it too will consume Llynsor.