Cities of You

City #10, Visit #1: Kashkraa

16 x 20", Pen, Marker, and Gouache on Paper

At dawn, the great ball of energy that hovers over Kashkraa turns solid- a state in which it can absorb the sun's rays. The tall, metallic fence that covers the city turns translucent and loses its own form, conceding to the spherical shape of the massive marble beneath and the oblong buildings below. The ball then slowly rises toward the heat of the sun, gradually pulling the semitransparent sheet from the buildings' frames. Soon the ghost-like figure disappears from sight, only to fall back down as dusk approaches. In Kashkraa, citizens worship the six deities of their suns: the sun that nourishes, the sun that renews, the absent sun, the mercurial sun, the constant sun, and the sun that never sets.