Cities of You

System #2: Vinnsa (Calvin S)

22 x 30", Gouache and Marker on Paper

The Vinnsa Transit Authority (VTA) is a global public transportation system serving thousands of cities worldwide. It is made up of an uncluttered network of shallow green pools of water. Those who use this system do not choose a destination, but simply fall into the emerald pools. Most of the time, you just float on the surface and go nowhere. However, sometimes the VTA brings you to another city, perhaps close by, or conceivably on the other side of the globe. Those who claim to understand the VTA say it brings you to where you should be- even if it is where you currently are. Some say it takes you where you want to be. Some say it's completely random. There have been reports where people have completely disappeared. Some have said, even though they weren't transported anywhere, they could have sworn the city felt differently.