Cities of You

City #19: Haestique (Stephanie Q)

16 x 20", Gouache, Colored Pencil, Pen, and Charcoal on Paper

The odds of all the citizens of Haestique closing their eyes at the same time are very slim. However, on the rare occasion it does happen, the landscape of Haestique changes the moment before their eyes re-open. Citizens say, in that moment, there is a sensation of weightlessness immediately followed by a rush of blood to their head. Like waking up after a shared dream, the citizens slowly collect the facts of their new reality. Because all eyes are closed, nobody really knows what exactly occurs during the event. However, there was one instance where a distant passerby claimed to see a cloud of blue dust envelop the city. Though, when he went to rub his eyes, he found himself somewhere else entirely.