Cities of You

Landmark #7: Crillomeno (Lori M)

16 x 20", Gouache, Marker, and Pen on Paper

Crillomeno is a prehistoric monument comprised of hundreds of stone columns and is one of the most famous sites in the world. The columns are arranged so wind that blows through the site is forced into small cyclones that divide, combine, and leap between groups of columns. Visitors travel thousands of miles to sit within a family of Crillomeno's pillars. The miniature windstorms favor those who come alone and those who have something to share with Crillomeno- secrets you could not find courage to say, gifts you could not give to someone who passed away, memories you fear are fading. Crillomeno acknowledges your offering as the many bodies of wind slowly merge into one whirlwind that surrounds you. In exchange, you receive whispers which you will very likely not be able to discern. Crillomeno's purpose is not to enlighten or guide, but to absorb an encumbrance. Perhaps the whispers you hear are the secrets and confessions that even Crillomeno could not carry.