Cities of You

City #32: Rameas (Maria F)

16 x 20", Gouache, Marker, and Pen on Paper

The buildings of Rameas lay dormant below ground as citizens go about their daily business in the cool, calm subterranean space. Pockets of light, caused by curious prospectors and diggers above, shine down on Rameas in long columns. However, when the cold metal of a shovel hits the roof of a building in a particular way, a shock is sent down through the nerves that connect all of Rameas. Diggers above hear a deep rumble. Citizens below feel a twitch. The buildings tremble, jerk, and vault toward the surface above. As quickly as the buildings stretch above ground in a dazzling display, they shrink back to their original form, leaving a cloud of colorful dust in its place. Dazed and confused, the prospectors and diggers find their shovels and begin again, hoping to catch a longer glimpse next time.