Cities of You

City #41: Tulloya (Luke T)

20 x 16", Gouache, Pen, and Colored Pencil on Paper

Half of the buildings in Tulloya are below ground and half are upside-down. The citizens of Tulloya construct buildings that weave in and out of the ground. It may be counterintuitive, but new buildings are not simply added to the leading end of the city. Rather, new homes are added to the beginning of the city sequence and all proceeding buildings are shifted forward. In this way, the orientation of your house is cyclical like the seasons- some months you spend underground, some you spend diagonally or upside-down. The young trendsetting citizens are conflicted about which part of the city they should live in. On one hand, the leading end of the city sees the newest landscapes and views, but contains the oldest structures. And on the other side, the buildings are brand new, but are destined to follow a path already travelled.