Cities of You

Landmark #11: Teslaeryl (Cheryl T)

18 x 24", Gouache and Pen on Paper

Teslaeryl "The Mischievous Mountain" is made up of clay and whimsy. It will scrunch and fold its face as you climb to its summit. It will pose riddles through its cracks and crevices, making you question the meaning of "up" and "down." Those who aim to race to the top tend to find themselves unable to leave the ground as Teslaeryl continuously redefines its meaning of "top". Veteran climbers explain that one does not climb Teslaeryl, but the mountain "climbs you" so-to-speak. Someone who is fixed on a specific target has a mountain that is flat. Someone who is wandering or lost has a mountain that is rugged and uneven. And there are some who carry a void--a deep void of time, feeling, or being--who have a mountain that is boundless.