Cities of You

City #46: Raashebiza (Sarah B)

16 x 20", Gouache, Colored Pencil, and Pen on Paper

The city of Raashebiza is divided into three levels representing, from bottom to top: structure, paradox, and transformation. At any point in time, the territory that each level oversees may expand or shrink, depending on the current needs of the city. Structure is emphasized in times of conflict. And transformation takes over in times of healing. Paradox emerges when there is no war, natural disaster, or political unrest- when citizens watch musicals in lieu of political debates and when fluctuations in philosophy are of more concern than fluctuations in currency. But eventually, an overabundance of contradiction and ambiguity naturally leads to a need for structure, and so the cycle continues. It is in this way, every citizen of Raashebiza must wear three hats- one of the sciences, one of the arts, and one of faith.