Cities of You

City #33: Rhögneer (Göran S)

20 x 16", Gouache, Marker, Colored Pencil, and Pen on Paper

Atop the towering city of Rhögneer lies a granite globe. Every so often citizens would manually turn the massive globe with their combined effort. At the center of Rhögneer is an observatory equipped with an extremely powerful telescope which is not used to map the stars, but to map the relationships of earthly things- how the distance between trees are correlated to the migration patterns of birds or how cloud formations relate to the average heights of skyscrapers. Data is printed out on long pieces of colored tape that drape down below the city. One vertical length of tape represents one year. The tape becomes tangled in a way that requires further observation. Why do years that are multiples of four like to clump with years that are multiples of seven? Why do years that have great natural disasters tend to remain separate and undeviated? Why does the fabric of some years break immediately, while some remain indestructible?