Cities of You

Landmark #12: Anatati (Tatiana V)

18 x 24", Gouache and Pen on Paper

As old as the continents, there are four permanent ocean waves, given the names: Anatati, Arnond, Amelhi, and Anirsti. These are the only four waves that have been recorded to change the geography (and thus history) of entire land masses, and each has been noted to abide by a unique temperament. Anatati, the Wave of Sanguine, plays with how she crashes upon the coasts, with her accidental brush strokes that paint the many unique natural wonders that we worship today. Arnond, the Wave of Resolve, is the force that pushes the ocean currents, taking direct instructions from the Moon and Sun. Amelhi, the Wave of Reasoning, with a long and pointy body, supervises the direction, flow, and temperature of our bodies of water by thrusting and cutting lesser waves as necessary. Anirsti, the Wave of Mindfulness, creeps at the ocean floor, tasked to contemplate the entirety of the world as it existed and what it will or will never be.